Bitcoin Colocation
Bitcoin Mining Colocation
Mining Colocation

While there are now plenty of providers offering Bitcoin mining colocation services, many cryptocurrency miners looking for a place that will host their hardware are wary of shipping thousands of dollars worth of gear to an unknown startup. The good news is that there are several providers who have proven to be reliable and have built a solid reputation within the Bitcoin community. A few examples are:


Mining Colocation is a company offering full service cryptocurrency mining hosting. You can either ship them your miners or purchase equipment from their online store. Then, send them your mining pool details and they’ll set everything up for you.


Miner Hosting is a company offering full service crypto miner hosting. You may transport your ASICs to the datacenter security for install or purchase mining hardware from their web store. Then, ship or email the host Bitcoin mining pool details and you’ll be setup within 24 hours and earning coins.


Mining Hosting Company
Mining Hosting Service

QuoteColo is a colocation firm that provides Bitcoin miners cheap ASIC colocation quotes from the various providers of mining colocation.

Bitcoin ASIC Hosting

Bitcoin ASIC Hosting is a provider operating out of Seattle, WA. Their all-inclusive service gives you a safe place to host your hardware. Flexible month-to-month, 3 and 6 month colocation contracts are available.


Previously known as MyBigSpace, ASICSPACE is a specialized ASIC hosting service operating out of Washington state to take advantage of the location’s cheap green electricity.

Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress runs a facility in Seattle providing retail and wholesale datacenter services. They gladly allow the hosting of Bitcoin mining colocation hardware and have affordable prices, which is important if you’re trying to maximize the profits from your mining operations.